High-efficiency PV Module LA110-24S

The LORENTZ LA-Series of PV modules offer a conversion efficiency of 17-20% due to the unique backcontact technology. As a result, our monocrystalline silicon solar cells yield a high voltage per cell, and LORENTZ modules are lighter and smaller.

In combination with an extremely low voltage-temperature coefficient, this guarantees a superior battery charging performance, even at high operating temperatures.

Exceptional low-light performance and broad spectral response further enhance energy delivery in all weather conditions, year round.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Performance guarantee:
    10 years (90% power output)
    20 years (80% power output)
    Details according to warranty issued by LORENTZ
  • Specifications - Electrical Data

    LA110-24S meets the requirements for IEC and CE.


    Electrical Performance
    Cell Temperatre at 25 degrees C

    Physical Specifications
    LA110 Schematic
    • Model 702
    • Windmill Operation
    • Sucker Rod
    • Cylinders
    • Windmill Accessories
    • Ornamental Mills
    • Quality Control


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