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If you would like to inquire about becoming an Authorized Distributor for the American West Windmill & Solar Company, please provide us with your contact information below.

All requests will be evaluated and results will be communicated back to you promptly.

We require all of our Authorized Distributors to:

  • Stock our products
  • Service only their agreed upon territories
  • Go through technical and sales training
  • Only sell through Professional Groundwater Channels
  • Not sell our products through any mail order or mass merchandizing operations

If you feel that you don’t meet these criteria, please visit our "Find a Distributor" link and select the state in which you reside and a list of current distributors of our products will be provided.

If you are needing an alternative energy pumping system designed, our distributors can fully assist you in sizing, selection, and finding a dependable Professional Contractor that can fully service your water pumping needs.

Company Name:
State: Please use the 2-letter abbreviation. 
Phone Number:

Description of Business:

  • Model 702
  • Windmill Operation
  • Sucker Rod
  • Cylinders
  • Windmill Accessories
  • Ornamental Mills
  • Quality Control


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