Changing the Oil

The windmill requires a change of oil once a year. Do not use more than the quantities given below:

Windmill Size Oil Amount
6 foot 1 quart
8 foot 2 quarts
10 foot 2 quarts
12 foot 1 gallon
14 foot 2 gallons
16 foot 2 gallons

How To Change the Oil

Follow these steps to change your windmill's oil:

  • Turn off your windmill
  • Place a bucket or adequate receptacle beneath the drain plug at the bottom of the main casting. Allow all of the old oil to empty from the casting.
  • Use kerosene or a solvent to remove any excess grime or sludge from the gear case.
  • Remove the plug from the outside of the wheel hub and flush out the oil collector and the return oil passages with kerosene.
  • Check the oil ring to be sure that it is working properly. This ring carries the oil to the shaft for the pitmen and guide wheel.
  • Oil the turntable on the mast pipe through the hole in the main casting near the mast pipe lock nut.
  • Oil the furl ring.
  • After the main casting has been cleaned, refill the case with a light weight oil (No. 8 or lighter).
  • Wipe away any spilled oil, and check to see that all nuts and bolts are properly tightened.

General Annual Maintenance

Every year your windmill needs to be inspected to make sure that everything is working properly. This in turn will lead to a longer life for your windmill.

Maintenance Checklist

  • Check that all nuts and bolts in the tower and the windmill are secure and tightened down thoroughly. Operational failure and damage are common and are a result of missing or loose nuts and bolts.
  • Remove any visible obstructions from the tower or around the windmill.
  • Check for any wear on the external parts of the tower or mill. Replace any components if necessary. The helmet needs to be free of holes or any other damage.
  • Tighten any loose wheel arms, and look for any stripped threads. Replace the arms if necessary.